We are a Cotswold Morris team - so you'll see us waving white hankies around and clashing sticks. We also do a spot of 'Rapper' dancing which is a short sword dance from the North East of England. This is a dance that is usually performed in a public bar - which could be the reason why we like doing it so much!

Westrefelda can be seen at many a festival during the year and sometimes we even dare to dance out in our own locality.... we just don't care what people say!

Westrefeldians are all very jolly and possess a decent sense of humour.... which is just as well really.....since we all enjoy a bit of friendly leg pulling when we're out dancing.

Thinking about joining a morris team?

What's required?....... a good sense of rhythm (imperative!)...a sense of humour (advisable!)....the commitment to practice regularly (once a week!) and ultimately....when we feel you're ready....to be prepared to dance out in public!! (Essential!).

Who should you contact? .....Email us....

For enquiries about joining the team or information:  info@westrefelda.co.uk


Liz:      squire@westrefelda.co.uk

Westerfield village is situated on the northern outskirts of Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk.

Westerfield Parish Hall, next to the church, is where you'll find us on a Monday evening throughout the winter months. And after many hours of perfecting our dance programme for the coming season we often adjourn to our emblems namesake 'The Westerfield Swan' public house.

'Westrefelda'? ....Most people, on first meeting, ask us where our name originates from and what does it mean. The village sign to the right may give you a subtle clue as to the answer to both of these questions. 'Westrefelda' was in fact the Latin name for Westerfield village, our Morris home which appeared in the Domesday Book nearly 900 years ago.